Humboldt-Universität zu Berlin - Faculty of Mathematics and Natural Sciences - Department of Physics

Forwarding, Antivirus, Anti-Spam

  • Current note: The procmail forwarding is disabled for newer accounts. Please use Sieve.
  • Inbound emails are checked for spam and viruses.
    • The spam filter can be configured in Squirrelmail (Options → SpamAssassin Configuration)
    • Detected spam is marked by changing the title to ***SPAM(*** and the following headers are added in the source text of the email:
      • X-Spam-Flag: YES
      • X-Spam-Level: ****
    • Then emails can be handled by moving them to a SPAM folder, for example. This can be done by Sieve.
    • Attachments with certain file extensions ("exe" amongst others) are not accepted.

Configuration of Sieve

The configuration of Sieve can be changed in the roundcube webmail program in Settings → Filters or by the plug-in in the email program. Older accounts still have the rule set “redirect-to-procmail”. This must be disabled for Sieve.

Spam Filter Configuration

The spam filters can be configured with the webmail program Squirrelmail (Options → SpamAssassin Configuration).