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Webmail - Information

The Department of Physics is currently providing a webmail program. They are generally not a complete alternative to the use of an email program.


Roundcube offers a fast and easy email access, including address book and optional storage of sent emails. It is easier to use than SquirrelMail. You can only use Roundcube with an account at the Department of Physics of the HU.

For more information, see Roundcube Webmail Help.

Changing Password

For security reasons it is necessary, that you change your email password every six months. You will receive reminder emails in good time. After expiry of the validity period of the password, you can still receive and send emails for another half year and change your password. The login in the PC-Pool and other services, which are linked to this account, is not possible in this time, only again after the change of the password.

You can change your password at any time on the Changing Password page.