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Computer Room

Information on PC Use in the Computer Room



Current Installer (download with log in only from computers of the Department of Physics possible)

QtiPlot Website

Current Windows installers (unofficial, but free) are available here and here

README with instructions for compiling QtiPlot under Windows, by Christian Otto

QtiPlot for the Mac:

  • QtiPlot- by Marcel Golz (mgolz at physik dot hu-berlin dot de)
  • Compiling QtiPlot- on MacPorts
  • Compiling QtiPlot- from source: experimental Makefile and README by Christian Otto
  • QtiPlot 0.8.9-rc2 and on Fink

Free Software for Windows

Scilab Numerical Calculation Download
Octave Numerical Calculation Download
QtiPlot Data Analysis, Plots Installer
Maxima Symbolic Calculation Download
Java Sun Java (Runtime Environment) Download
Seamonkey Mozilla Internet Suite (Browser, Email program) Download
LibreOffice Office Package Download
OpenOffice Office Package Download
Gimp Image Editor Download
Gimp from the Stick
Putty SSH Software Download
MobaXterm SSH, X Server etc. Download
Xming X Server (old)
Fonts (optionally)
Installer (exe)
Installer (exe)
X-Deep/32 X Server (freeware, very old) Installer (exe)

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